Our Team

Pat McBurnette, President

Pat brings wisdom earned over his 35 years of conducting custom and syndicated marketing research programs. He has worked with regional and national companies in a variety of industries, including business-to-business and consumer research. With expertise in quantitative and qualitative research, Pat knows the best way to execute a research program to meet the client’s specific needs. Pat studied for his PhD at the University of Texas at Austin, obtaining undergraduate and graduate degrees in Social Psychology and Measurement and Statistics at UT.

Sue Symons, Founder/Senior Strategist

As one of the founders of Moore & Symons, Sue excels at developing clients’ marketing strategies and helping them solve marketing problems. She believes that the best marketing strategy comes from a better understanding of the customer – current and potential. To that end, she relies on what the research reveals to develop and drive marketing strategy. Sue brings clients more than 35 years of marketing knowledge and wisdom in a variety of sectors—healthcare, financial, insurance, nonprofit, consumer services, consumer products and more. Her expertise, energy and depth of insight add significant value for our clients.

Cindy Bishop, Vice President

Cindy is a marketing research professional with over 28 years of experience on both the client and supplier side of the business. She has worked as an integrated partner with marketing and R&D teams, designing, authorizing, and analyzing custom marketing research as well as syndicated data. Prior to joining Moore & Symons, Cindy was a Senior Brand Planner at an advertising agency working on brand strategy for financial, healthcare and flooring clients. Also, Cindy worked for Kantar where she was on-site with her clients, consulting and designing research across multiple Proctor & Gamble business units.

Amity Moore Joyce, Account Executive/Executive Interviewer

Amity grew up in the Moore & Symons family, literally. She was exposed to marketing research and client relations from an early age, but charted the first 20 years of her career in publishing as a writer and editor. Today, she puts her writing, interviewing—and listening—expertise to work for Moore & Symons. As an interviewer and moderator, she crafts questions and absorbs communication from customers, translating it into useful data. Additionally, her organization and project management skills prove a valuable asset to Moore & Symons’ executive leadership.

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